Success Story

ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting was formed in April 1999 with the objective of providing SAP business management consulting services. The managers and consultants had represented the leading edge in the Hungarian SAP consulting market in the 6 to 8 years before the company was established, and this “union of professionals” attitude still prevails. As a result, professionally renowned and dedicated people on the owners’, general and other managers’ level alike constitute a stable background for high-quality services.


In the Bisnode international company rating system, the financial stability and business reliability of all enterprises are rated based on a proven system that has been designed by international experts, and whose operation is consistently measured. This is how our company, ERP Consulting Plc. has been chosen as one of the enterprises with the steadiest financial standing. As a result, our enterprise belongs to those 9.82% of Hungarian companies that have the most solid financial foundations, i.e. are in possession of some kind of Bisnode certificate.
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